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About group classes

Do you need to be physically fit to do yoga?

Yoga is a gentle practice that adapts to the individual. So you don’t need a particular fitness level to do it. A good teacher will provide variations of poses so that everyone can enjoy the benefits.

How many sessions does it take to feel the benefits of a practice like yoga or mindfulness meditation?

You’ll feel the benefits to your body and mind after one session. But having a regular practice is the best way to integrate yoga into your daily life and sustain those benefits over time.

Can pregnant women do the sessions offered by ZEN&CO.?

Absolutely! But it’s not recommended to embark on a new physical activity when you’re pregnant. We ask expectant mothers to fill out a specific questionnaire to make sure it’s safe for them to do the sessions they’re interested in. Since the activities we offer at ZEN&CO. are gentle, it is rare that they are contraindicated for pregnant women.

What are the benefits of yoga, and more specifically the benefits of corporate yoga?

It’s no secret that yoga provides a wealth of benefits to those who practise it regularly. The various poses taught by our teachers help people better manage stress and sleep more deeply. They also help improve digestion, increase concentration, relieve built-up muscle tension, and much more. The benefits of yoga have a positive impact on people’s wellness. This is especially true on the job, where people can experience significant stress on a daily basis.

Starting up health and wellness initiatives

I’d like to organize one or more classes (a corporate yoga class, for example, or a special event). What’s the first step?

Simply contact the ZEN&CO. team. One of our corporate health experts will talk to you about the various options available, plus the steps you need to take to make sure all your employees can participate, whether they’re working on-site or remotely.

All (or a lot of) my employees are working from home. How does ZEN&CO. make the activities available to everyone?

Our hybrid and virtual solutions make it simple for all your employees to participate, whether they’re on-site or working from home. Together, we can discuss which formats are best for your employees.

What levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) do you offer at ZEN&CO.?

Our classes are designed to meet the needs of all levels. But it’s important to discuss this with a teacher when choosing your next class or classes. For some sessions, levels of practice do not apply, like those on conscious relaxation, which simply aim to bring about deep relaxation.

For in-person sessions, do you provide yoga mats for employees?

Employees need to bring their own yoga mat to sessions. But we can sell a mat to anyone who wishes to buy one.

Do you offer classes outside Montréal?

Yes, we can travel to Montréal’s North and South Shores to give classes, workshops, and sessions. And with our 100% virtual offering, ZEN&CO. is now accessible across Canada!

We already have a corporate wellness program. How can your services complement it?

ZEN&CO.’s offering will dovetail with the corporate health and wellness program of any company, big or small. Thanks to our customized approach, you can select themes that complement your existing program. Talk to a member of our team for information!

Can I get funding for this type of corporate activity?

Yes. Many of our clients get funding for these activities. For more information, click on the link. (Available for Quebec companies)

How can I find out which kind of session, class, 30-day challenge, or workshop my employees would be interested in?

We provide tools to help identify your team’s needs, including surveys, posters, and registration lists. This makes it easier to find out which themes they’re most interested in and what motivates them to do these activities.